Back Creek

The Back Creek Project has potential for a large open pit thermal coal deposit with 98 million tonnes JORC Inferred Resource, contained within the Auburn, Bulwer and Condamine seams.

Back Creek LocationLocation: 45km south-east of Wandoan in the Surat Basin

Area: 62km2

Target: Low ash thermal coal

Tenement: EPC 1297

Proximity to Infrastructure: Planned Surat Rail Line is 20 km to the west of the tenement connecting to the Port of Gladstone.

Exploration History and Geology

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A Surat Basin project with minimal earlier exploration within the area identifying Auburn, Bulwer and Condamine Seams in the lower part of the Taroom Coal Measures. The area at one time was relinquished by Shell as it considered the deposit too small, but with changes in economic, technical and infrastructure conditions as well as improved mining methods, thin seam and selective mining of coal seams enable economic mining of Surat Basin coal. There has been extensive exploration down dip from Allegiance Coal’s Back Creek by Cockatoo Coal in their Bushranger Project and along strike by Stanmore Coal.

Exploration by Allegiance within EPC 1297 has delineated a 98Mt JORC Inferred Resource.