The Kilmain Project has potential for both an underground and open cut coal deposit with an exploration target of 100 to 200 million tonnes within the Rangal Coal Measures.

Kilmain LocationLocation: Approximately 300km west of the Port of Gladstone in the Bowen Basin.

Area: 56km2 (8.7km2 overlaps MDL340)

Target: Coking and Low ash thermal coal

Tenement: 1298 and 1917

Proximity to Infrastructure: Approximately 12km west of the Rolleston rail line which connects to the Port of Gladstone.

Exploration History and Geology

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Kilmain is a Bowen Basin project with minimal earlier exploration of the Rangal Coal Measures within the tenement. Extensive exploration has been conducted within adjoining areas: to the east up dip; to the north west for coal seam gas; to the west on an anticline whose eastern limb extends into the Kilmain area on the adjacent tenement to the east and down dip for coal seam gas.

The drilling of three partially cored holes enabled the recovery of coal cores that upon testing proved the existence of coking/PCI/thermal coal fraction with the conjoined Castor/Pollux seam.